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Adjustable guide solution

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The Unison® Modular Flex Guide Rail Adjustment System performs line changes in a consistent, accurate and repeatable manner. It can adjust a guide rail, up to 80 feet in length, including straight, S, elbows and cross sections, from a single adjustment station and / or distance. Modular and flexible, the Unison® system can convey container sizes from very big to very small. The Unison® system holds the solutions to your conveying concerns.


The guide rails adjust in seconds without a pneumatic system.
Recurrent, accurate, reliable.
Reliable and accurate rail changes including elbow sections.
Eliminates the need to adjust the guide rail to each vertical support.
No maintenance required.
No adjustments or tools required.


Modernizes existing air conveyors and conveyors but can also be adapted to a new conveyor.
Single or double side adjustment, or a combination of both.
Upper and lower rails that can be adjusted independently.
Flexibility to adjust horizontal and vertical line sizes, or a combination of both.
Custom designed for any form of container and any line configuration.
Interchangeable if the conveyor line were to change.


The ease of operation significantly reduces the amount of specialized labor required to make line changes.
Can be adjusted manually or automatically using stepper motors, servo motors and programmable logic controllers from a single station and / or remotely.
Unlimited position settings.
Reduced risks to health and safety.