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Table-top or Mat-top conveyors, known for their versatility, are ideal for transporting various types of bottles and/or containers and their flexibility allows them to adapt to all operational activities. Whether they are used for a straight section or for a complete bottling line, these conveyors are a profitable and durable choice!

Benefits include easy cleaning, capacity of conveying any type of container in any configuration and they provide a good surface for accumulation. These conveyors can handle containers, glass or plastic bottles, packs, cases and trays. They are also applicable to all industries, use very little floor space and allow for fast and precise adjustment from one container to another.


Accumulation tables guaranty you a continuous flow on your production line. They can accumulate all kinds of different products but at the same time temper the flow between your machines with different cadences and variables.


Recirculation mass accumulations tables are with single file are designed to collect your containers in various situations all along your production line. Constantly recirculating your containers as well as accumulating and feeding your machine downstream the production line.



Roller conveyors are an economical and effective solution to transport crates or boxes for short or long distances. They have the distinction of being effective for storing products at low or zero pressure. A limited number of drives can be used for very long motorized sections. The systems can operate independently with photocells or sensors on the conveyors.

New technologies are changing the world of the roller conveyors and the conventional power can now be replaced by a 24 volt system. The advantages are lower energy consumption, increased safety for operators and easier installation, which significantly reduces the start up time therefore reducing costs associated with integration.

Roller conveyors can be integrated into all areas of application: Food packaging, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. They are manufactured in several sizes and widths and with a variety of center to center rollers for small or very large products.

Applications range from the simple gravity conveyor lines to high-speed conveyor lines that feed a palletizer.


  • Line shaft powered conveyor
  • Belt on roller conveyor
  • Zero pressure accumulation conveyor
  • Painted steel, powder coated steel, stainless steel