Vertical packaging

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Vertical packaging

Vertical form fill sealing or VFFS machines provide high quality and innovative solutions for loose products in the food industry.


Intermittent and continuous vertical film motion bagger

For intermittent film motion packaging that is reliable and versatile, or continuous motion with high speed performance and product safety, Storcan engineers can provide a solution that suits your products and your production process.

A continuous or intermittent film motion bagger can pack both dry and wet products in a variety of bag styles, including pillow, block bottom, Quattro, EasyPack and Doy-style packs.

With Storcan’s unique expertise in conveyor systems, an intermittent or continuous film motion bagger can be integrated efficiently on your production line with consideration for performance, speed, reliability and easy maintenance.


Pick and place robot

If your production line requires a flexible pick and place solution, Storcan can help you integrate the industry’s most versatile and trusted robotic solution with ABB’s IRB 360 FlexPicker. It delivers outstanding and proven short cycle times, delivers precision accuracy, and accepts high payloads of up to 8 kg.
Available in a stainless-steel version for food applications, this is the most accurate and reliable robot to integrate in your food production line. Our engineers are keen to show you the nearly endless possibilities of the IRB 360.


Inclined flow wrapping

For the packaging of buns and other food-related loose products in multibags, we provide inclined flow-wrapping machines. A feeder for automatic loading can turn your inclined flow wrapper into a semi- or completely automated solution.