Vertical Elevator

Continuous vertical conveyor

Storcan's continuous vertical conveyor system offers 16-20 cases/min capacity up to approximatly 110-120lbs, and is particularly suitable for medium to high capacity applications.

This type of lift can be used to effortlessly, quickly and to / from any height a wide variety of products such as boxes, crates, trays or bags.

It can be used for both upward and downward product flow. The product is always transported in a vertical position without risk of product deformation.

It comes with its own control panel for better local synchronization and only uses standard induction sensors to simplify the electronics.

Discontinuous vertical conveyor

The compact vertical discontinuous conveyorthe, Prorunner mk1, requires minimal maintenance and its steel structure is extremely stable.

By using a flat belt, is completely silent, requires very little maintenance and does not need lubrication. Compact, it is used in almost all factory configurations.

This system can easily hoist boxes, crates, trays or bags weighing up to 75 kg with a maximum capacity of approximately 360 movements per hour.

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