Vertical Case Conveyor - Box Elevator HERO 3

Full washdown duty with Minimum footprint Design 

The Vertical Conveyor or Box Elevator is a continuous vertical conveyor specifically suitable for average to high-capacity applications.
This equipment can be used to transport a wide variety of products, effortlessly and quickly, like boxes, cases or trays to and from any height you require. It can be used for both ascending and descending product flow.
The product is always carried in an upright position without the risk of product deformation. It comes with its own control panel for better local synchronization and use only standard induction sensors to simplify its use.



304 # 4 11ga stainless steel bolted structure


Keltech stainless steel IP69K Or Sew Eurodrive epoxy (voltage to be determined)


16-20 cases / minute - depending on height & configuration of elevator

Maximum load

50 kg / case

Maximum case

33 lg x 24 h x 24 l (can be customized)


Include 36’’ Security guarding on the entrance

Electric Motor brake

Included Basic Components

Include Food Grade White Bearings

Stainless Steel Sprocket

Include a lube system for chain


Light curtain and Photocell

Transmission with Zinc plated Chain or Gear belt

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