Tunnel pasteurizer

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Tunnel pasteurizer

We offer a range of thermal exchange systems for the heating or cooling of liquid processes aimed at the beverage industry. Ask our experts about your specific requirements.


Tunnel pasteurizer - heater – cooler

Tunnel pasteurizers are designed for products that have already been packaged in their container. Different thermal cycles can be applied in larger modular configurations including pasteurization, heating and cooling. The layout and the design improve ease of maintenance and of operation as well as energy efficiency.


Plate and tubular Flash pasteurizer

Flash pasteurizers aim to preserve product properties for maximum food safety with minimum alterations. This is where the inactivation of existing microorganisms and enzymes naturally present in the product happens.
The system offers a high thermal exchange coefficient combined with easy cleaning and maintenance. 



Large scale desulphurators with low running costs eliminate virtually all sulphur dioxide in fruit juices. Incoming juice is preheated, and concentrate is cooled during the process, reducing running costs. The system is equipped with a cleaning in place (CIP) circuit for easy and efficient cleaning.



We offer a range of evaporators with different benefits for different applications. Our engineers can help you find the most appropriate solution for your application, so don’t hesitate to contact them for advice and guidance. Forced circulation evaporators prevent scaling and reduce downtime. Multi stage evaporators use Thermal Vapour Recompression to recycle generated heat. Thin film evaporators increase evaporation rate and reduce the time of contact with the heat source, protecting it from overheating.