Table top and mat top conveyor

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Table top and mat top conveyor

Table top and mat top conveyors are well suited to handle various types of bottles and containers thanks to their flat surface. For the food and beverage industry as well as industrial application, this is a flexible easy maintenance solution


Flexible conveyor systems

These conveyors can handle containers, glass or plastic bottles, bags, cases and trays. They are suitable for all industries, they take up very little space and they allow a precise and quick adjustment from one container to another. They can create very good accumulation surfaces with low friction in different directions. This type of conveyor opens up the possibility of conveying any type of container in any configuration and conveyor size.


Easy maintenance

The flat surface of usually polymer or acetal plastics is very durable and easy to clean. Magnetic type chains make for a construction that is also easy to maintain and to repair. At Storcan we have years of experience in developing table top and mat top conveyor solutions and our engineers are keen to tell you more about their many possibilities.