Slat conveyor and Curves

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Slat conveyor and Curves

For items that aren’t suitable to be moved on belt or roller conveyors, slat conveyors operate in horizontal conditions at lower speeds. The overlapping slats create a continuous surface without any gaps.


Slat conveyor applications

They are generally used to move items that are not typically conveyable on rollers or belts, due to an irregular shape or base. The slats can also be adapted to transport parts on assembly operations. 


Inclines, declines and curves

Our slat conveyors offer flexible solutions to deal with inclines, declines, and curves that maximize floor space. A single drive can carry up to 250 feet, which limits the number of transition points you may need. Controls and system integration are also be greatly simplified.


Different slat widths and spiral conveyors

Slat widths are available in 8” to 24” sizes. When configured as an oval shaped spiral, a space saving dynamic buffer storage solution can be created. Our experts are at hand to develop slat conveyor-based solutions for your production line. Give them a call today