Roller Conveyor MDR 48V

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Perfect for the transportation of heavy cases (110-120lbs) in a sanitary and humid environment.


The Sanitary Conveyor Storcan MDR Stainless Steel 48V has been designed for the transport of cartons, containers or parts transport trays at normal room temperature, especially for the food sector. It is suitable for straight conveyors and in particular non-pressure accumulation conveyors. This type of conveyor is often used in places where cleaning with water jets is used due to its high degree of protection. Resistant to oil, grease and chemicals:

  • Compact design: the motor integrated in the tube allows a very compact design of the conveying system,
  • Very energy efficient: The brushless drive features an energy recovery in braking. The conveyor system can operate without pneumatic or conventional control, which must be operated continually. The high friction polyurethane lowers operating tension and is abrasion resistant which extends belt life,
  • Flexible applications: RollerDrive is available in all types of versions, which allows it to be used in all types of different conveying systems. For the user, this translates into a single interface instead of many. Depending on the application area, PolyVee or round belts can be used for power transmission,
  • Low noise,
  • Maintenance-free and easy to install: The drive with internal commutation electronics does not require any maintenance. It features an overload protection that prevents damages due to overtemperature or blockage.
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