Roller conveyor

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Roller conveyor


Roller conveyors for crates and boxes

Roller conveyors are designed for the transport of light or heavier loads with a flat bottom such as crates, boxes or drums. They offer an economical and efficient answer to carry items over short or long distances. 


Low pressure accumulation

Accumulation can be managed on roller conveyors with low or zero pressure. This means back pressure is either eliminated or kept at a small adjustable fraction of the total live load on the conveyor. This helps protect your load from damage during transport on your line.


Efficient operation

These systems are driven by a limited number of motors even over long distances, and they can operate autonomously when equipped with photocells or local sensors


New Roller conveyor technology

Conventional motorization can now be replaced with a 24V system. The use of a low-voltage installation brings many benefits, including reduced start-up time, lower energy consumption, safer operation conditions and easy installation. This translates into several cost savings and lower operating costs.


Flexible powered or gravity conveying solution

Food and packaging application can benefit greatly from the use of roller conveyors. Different sizes and widths can match smaller or larger loads. Simple gravity rollers require even less maintenance, and powered ones can feed high speed production lines. The conveyor experts at Storcan will recommend the most efficient roller conveyor solution to move your business forward.