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Roller and Belt Conveyors

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Roller and Belt Conveyors

Roller conveyors are an economical and efficient solution for transporting crates or boxes over short or long distances. They have the distinction of being very efficient when it comes to accumulating products at low or zero pressure. A limited number of motors can be used for very long motorized sections. The systems can operate autonomously with photocells or local sensors on the conveyors.

New technologies have changed the world of roller conveyors and the conventional motorization can now be replaced by a system powered by 24 volts. The main benefits are in terms of energy consumption, increased security for operators and ease of installation, which greatly reduce start-up time, hence the costs associated with integration.

Roller conveyors can be integrated into all areas of application: food, packaging, pharmaceutical and industrial. They can be manufactured in different sizes and widths and several center to center rollers for small or very large products.

Applications range from simple gravity conveyors to high-speed conveyor lines to power a palletizer.


  • Conveyor with continuous axis
  • Continuous belt conveyor
  • Zero pressure conveyor
  • Painted steel, painted steel, stainless steel