Meat sorter conveyor


It allows products to be efficiently sorted and routed to different bins using their barcode.


Mounted following an unpacking dumper and a bar code reader system, our system will take care of your products in order to sort them by transporting them to different stations. The main conveyor, equipped with several pneumatic guides allow the routing of the products.

Each sorting station has a control box managing the access request as well as an emergency stop, a light signal indicates the real-time status of the station. A 3D scanner located on top of the station will give you information on the filling level of the receptacle. Depending on the number of stations available and your choice of identification for each station, the system will automatically manage the product flow and redirect it to an available station.

Manufactured in SS 304 #4, our system is sanitary engineered while meeting due safety standards.



Stainless steel 304 #4


Stainless steel mesh


SEW Eurodrive


6 boxes per minute on 5 sorting stations

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