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Mat Top and Table Top Conveyors

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Mat Top and Table Top Conveyors

The "tabletop" type conveyors, known for their versatility, are ideal for transporting various types of products. Their flexibility allows them to adapt to all types of operational activities. Whether used for a straight section or a complete bottling line, these conveyors are a very profitable choice.

The advantages of such conveyors include easy cleaning, the ability to transmit any type of container in any configuration as well as a very good accumulation surface. These conveyors can handle containers, glass or plastic bottles, bags, cases and trays. They are also applicable to all industries, take up very little space and allow a precise and quick adjustment from one container to another.


Containers, canned goods, glass / plastic bottles, packs, crates, cabarets etc.

The hinged conveyors (table top), known for their versatility, are very popular for the transportation of several types of products. Flexible and available in all possible sizes, they can adapt to all operating conditions.

Whether for a straight section or a complete bottling line, the conveyors (table top) represent a very profitable choice.


All areas: Food, industrial, etc.,

Particularity: Magnetic type chains which allow a construction of easily cleanable conveyors.

These conveyors have the advantage of being very durable equipment, easy to maintain and whose parts can be easily changed.

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