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The laminating process is a demanding one that requires reliable hard-wearing equipment to layer the fat in specialty doughs such as croissants and various puff pastry recipes, or for the sheeting of hard biscuits.


Laminating dough sheeter

Sheeters for croissants and puff pastry doughs come in manual, semi-automatic and automatic versions depending on the scale of your production and your product.
A strong structure and large cylinders guarantee high quality lamination performances, as well as reliability and long-life span, even when used with harder doughs.
From small foldable manual systems ideal for artisanal applications to programmable and fully automatic industrial sheeters, Storcan has a solution for everyone. 

All our sheeters are engineered to facilitate daily cleaning and require minimal maintenance.


High performance sheeting line

For the production of hard biscuits, our sheeting line solutions include a four-roll sheeter with grooved upper rolls and smooth lower rolls and a relaxing conveyor to release the tension in the dough sheet.  One or two rotary cutters can include electronically synchronized embossing and cutting rolls, and a scrap return system feeds back to the hopper of the four-roll sheeter.
An automatic control and synchronization system aligns the speed of the rolls and the conveyor with that of your oven.

Contact your Storcan expert for more information on our sheeter solutions.