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Ionized Air / Water Rinser

Produits Storcan

Ionized Air / Water Rinser


The ionized air rinser is ideal for blowing containers such as pots, round, oval or square bottles and to dislodge dust or other matter deposited on the inside. The ionized air provides a sanitary contact with the container. Dust or materials expelled from the containers are disposed of by a vacuum system. These rinsers are often used in the food or packaging industry.


Storcan’s water rinser has been recognized for almost 20 years for its flexibility and ability to adapt to your existing conveyor line. This is a very effective system to remove particles and dust inside the containers and is easily adjustable for varying product formats. The product is supported by double straps and is released at the end of the cycle causing no pressure on the containers. Theses rinsers are ideal for glass and other fragile containers.


  • Containers up to 4L

  • Speed of 25-600 products per minute

  • Control system available

  • Speeds vary depending on the speed of the line

  • Change-over within seconds

  • Multiple options for configuring the rinser: Rinser, inverted rinser, rinser-chute

  • Easy interior access using the door

  • Simple maintenance