Inspection and recognition

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Inspection and recognition

The inspection of cans and bottles at filling plants should be reliable even at high processing speeds. Different kind of contaminants must be identified and defective produce must be removed without interrupting or slowing down the filling line.


Can inspection

Can filling plants have specific requirements to keep any deformed or contaminated cans from causing production delays. Our solution inspects and rejects cans at up to 2 000 cans per minute. A CCD chip combined with LED driven lighting detects the smallest deformations to the wall and rim, and any deposits inside the can. The system is mounted horizontally before the filling station and can be managed through your line monitoring network.


Bottle inspection

Detecting foreign objects in filled bottles is your last opportunity to prevent complaints and product recalls. In order to prevent contaminated bottles leaving your plant. Our system turns the bottle upside down to allow foreign bodies to descend from the bottom to the bottle closure for low radiation X-ray inspection. The system can be expanded with different modules for floating particles detection, fill level and cap inspection, filler management and a rejection procedure.


An alternative solution developed for the wine industry inspects bottles on a rotating carrousel instead of turning them upside down. High performance cameras scan each bottle with multiple light sources. The system can inspect for bottle faults, foreign particles such as glass or insects and cap positioning.