Industrial baking

Produits Storcan

Industrial baking

You can rely on Storcan for all your industrial and commercial baking needs, no matter the size of your production line.


Cyclothermic tunnel oven

With indirect heat transfer through radiation, a cyclothermic tunnel oven bakes evenly while keeping energy consumption low. It can be integrated on automated lines for continuous high-volume production.
The belt can handle bread and pastries freely baked, in pans or on trays. Convection through hot air recirculation helps achieve the desired final humidity rate and an even bake on all sides of the product.


Spiral oven

Spiral ovens bring high volume quality baking to everyone. The oven is non-ventilated. The absence of forced air circulation helps maintain moisture content. This optimizes thermal yield for small or large batches. The special design of the radiation tubes also creates a combined convection effect. 
Precise control of the baking curve helps achieve perfect cooking and extends useful life.
The oven takes less space, offers maximum flexibility, and lower working temperatures mean lower energy consumption. The spiral oven’s construction also simplifies maintenance and increases reliability.


Rotative rack oven

For bread and pastry baking, a rotative rack oven offers the advantage of
low operating energy consumption, a longer lasting lifespan, reduced heat loss, and a large surface heat exchange with precise air flow control for even baking.
Constant pressure with redistribution of the baking steam helps improve flavour and fragrance. Contact our experts to find out if a rotative rack oven is right for you.


Multi deck steam tube tunnel oven

If you are looking for a compact body oven suitable for a small floor space and that requires little maintenance, look no further. An automatic steam tube oven allows optimal heat exchange for powerful and even steaming. It’s ideally suited for bread loaves, rolls in trays and tin bread. The oven comes in a three or four-deck version.
Key features are low fuel consumption, thermal insulation, high heat retention and strong bottom heat for crusty products. The oven can be fitted with a choice of wire mesh, stainless steel or refractory slab conveyors.