Filtration and clarification for the beverage industry

Produits Storcan

Filtration and clarification for the beverage industry

We have a range of high-quality filters for fruit juices, nectars, soft drinks, syrups and infusions.


Continuous flotation unit

Continuous separation of the solids from fruit juices can be achieved through a “dispersed gas activated flotation” process.  Because this is a fast and continuous process, it is particularly interesting when coupled with fruit juices clarification where a slow discontinuous decantation method would require long settlement times.


Diatomaceous earth pressure PED tested filter

This filtration process uses compressed gases that are injected into the filter during the processing phases. Flat and crushproof filtering discs allow a high drainage flow during filtration and pre-panel formation. This is also true for the washing phase, improving cleaning even below the filtration cloth.


High solid crossflow filter

This automatic rotary crossflow filter is designed for liquids with a high content of solids in suspension. The spinning rotary discs make for a self-cleaning process and avoid oxygen absorption.  This results in a filtered product of high quality without the need for any additives.


Horizontal plates D.E. filter

This filter uses the patented Padovan filter design for a high drainage flow during filtration and pre-coating. A big advantage of this system is the absence of a drainage grid, a potential source of contamination. 

Speak to our engineers to find out which filter would be most suited to your specific application.