Elevator and lowerator systems

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Elevator and lowerator systems

We offer a range of spiral and platform elevators and lowerators to meet different objectives. 


Spiral elevator and lowerator systems

Our spiral elevators are engineered to minimize friction, providing high speed performance with low noise and a long lifespan. The result is perfectly flat conveying with no gaps. Fiberglass reinforced nylon composite slats travel on precision steel roller bearings which ride on a polyurethane surface.
Unit load spiral conveyors are ideal for high throughput and low friction in a space saving configuration. Mass flow spirals are perfect for bottles, jars, cans and other similar items. For flows of up to 2000 units per minute, powder coated carbon steel, stainless or washdown versions are available. 
High capacity spiral elevators allow you to double your capacity with 75 lbs. per linear foot at up to 200 FPM for a total capacity of 3600 lbs., powered by a single motor for efficient use of energy, controls and system integration.
Wide track spirals are ideal for bulky loads that need to be taken at higher elevations. 30” or 36” wide slats with double standard weight capacity carry loads at up to 50 feet elevation.
Multiple entry and exit spirals can be added at intermediate levels for high capacity and wide track spirals for multi-level warehousing and order picking operations.
Narrow track spiral conveyors with 6” or 9” wide nesting slats without gaps are specifically tailored to the food and beverage industries. A hybrid stainless steel finish is recommended for wet applications. These narrow track spirals are perfect to introduce high speed elevation change for bottles and small containers.
If your elevator/lowerator footprint matters, a dual track spiral solution can operate independently for maximum space savings, each at their own elevations. Available in widths from 6” to 20”.


Vertical accumulation buffers

Vertical accumulation buffers from 8” to 24” wide can manage accumulation and act as a buffer or dynamic storage while freeing up valuable floor space.


Continuous platform elevators

Continuous platform elevators eliminate dead times. Products are taken and released at different elevations without stress or risk of damage. A continuous platform elevator is ideal for trays, shrink packs, carton boxes and crates.
If your line requires an elevator/lowerator system, our engineers will be happy to discuss your options and develop a solution to take your production line to the next level.