Drag chain conveyor for pallets

Drag chain conveyor for pallets main

Chain conveyors are the workhorse of production lines. Their rugged construction and a powered continuous chain arrangement make them ideal to transport heavy loads on your line such as pallets, racks, industrial containers or even heavy parts in assembly plants with a sturdy lower surface that is suitable to be carried by the chain system.

Our chain conveyor systems are typically a double strand configuration with the load positioned on the chains, however multiple strand configurations are available.

Thanks to their sturdy concept and build, they are easy to install and maintain. They will usually integrate well with other systems such as CDLR roller conveyors, and different chain options make them suitable for different applications such as wet, hot or corrosive environments. Chain conveyors can be set up to operate in continuous or indexing mode, and the speed can be controlled with the use of an optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

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