Cookie depositing solutions

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Cookie depositing solutions

Depositors for the bakery industry provide precise dosage combined with speed and , reliable performance and easy maintenance. We carry a range of depositing machines that can perform a variety of functions to create a wide range of specialty bakery products.  


Cookie Depositor and wire-cutter

This machine comes in a single, two or three head version. 
Used as a depositor, the head guides the dough to the positive displacement pumps. The head delivers constant pressure, allowing very accurate dosing, without any variation in weight and volume of the product. The vertical and horizontal motion of the head follows the baking belts for continuous production without any gaps. 

When used as a wire-cutter, the dough feeds by means of the pump system, and with the head fixed over the baking belt, a wire fitted on an oscillating frame feeds a row of products at a time. The two head version can deposit two different doughs at the same time or create soft center cookies filled with the use of an extra hopper.

With a fixed head, it can also be used as an extruder. The feeding rollers and pumps rotate continuously to give one set of dough lanes to be cut by a guillotine before or after baking depending on the product. These different functionalities make it possible to create a whole range of different products including cookies, meringues, 2 colour biscuits, cup-cakes and many more.


Volumetric piston depositor

The volumetric pistons depositor is a precise filler for conveyorized trays. Doughs and batters are handled gently for cakes and pie fillings for instance. Every cylinder is connected to an outlet that can receive a dosing nozzle, injection needle or other special terminal parts, to guarantee maximum depositing accuracy.

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