Belt conveyor

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Belt conveyor

Simple and flexible conveyor

Belt conveyors are made of belts laid out over slider beds or roller beds. Their simple construction means they are an inexpensive solution to move loads over long distances with a single drive. The flat belt surface means they are suitable for a wide range of different product sizes, shapes and weights.


Manage inclines and declines

Incline belt and decline belt conveyors can take your line to different elevations because they provide better grip on the products than other solutions. Each item always gets the best support to maintain accurate flow control together with safe and secure handling.


Gapping and tracking

The grip provided by belt conveyors gives you control over the positioning of your products on the belt and allows for precise gapping and tracking of your load through the management of your belt speeds. This can be an asset for high-speed scanning tunnels for instance. Our engineers can develop highly efficient and accurate belt conveyoring solutions for your specific application. Get in touch with our team for a state-of-the-art production line.