Artisanal baking

Produits Storcan

Artisanal baking

We also supply a range of artisanal baking solutions. Depending on the flexibility you require, your production volume and your space constraints, we have the oven that will bake your artisan products to perfection.


Artisan baking

An artisan rack oven takes up minimal floor space with its vertical construction and delivers a high level of energy efficiency. For all your artisan baking needs, you’ll appreciate its versatile features and excellent flexibility. Different products can be baked using the same oven. Breads and pastries can be placed on decks or on trays, at temperatures of up to 380˚C.


Deck oven

For the regularity of cooking with refractory stones and available options such as a proof box or a hood and fan, a deck oven is ideal for breads, pastries or pizzas.
A Steam baking option will take your traditional recipes to the next level. It is compact enough for small yields yet flexible to suit different types of products. Baking plates and humidity control can be customized to give you a baking solution that is perfect for all your needs.