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Pallet Conveyors & Turntables

Pallet Conveyors

Storcan’s pallet conveyors transport pallets precisely and efficiently, can support impressive weight loads and can accumulate many pallets without pressure due to an automated system. Their design allows for being used as either a depalletizer or palletizer and can be assembled with chains or rollers. Also, their versatility provides transportation of pallets in two directions and the addition of a rotary table allows transfer to a 90° angle. All these characteristics make the pallet conveyor compatible
with equipment in the food, packaging and industrial sectors.

Automatic Turntable

To move, rotate or change the orientation of the pallets, one way or another, the rotary tables can be pneumatic or motorized. You can also find compatible equipment in the food, packaging or industrial industry.


  • All main unit rollers are driven for positive load movement
  • Motor-operated pinion and ring gear drivefor positive rotation
  • Fully bolted, patented construction system
  • Positive conveyance of unitized or pallet loads
  • Motor-operated ring gear provides smooth and reliable rotation
  • Seamless integration with other types of pallet conveyory