Conveyor manufacturer for packaging, bottling and food canada

Modular Conveyors

Featuring a wide range of standard components, Multi-Flex© systems can be designed for any specific requirement from light industrial and consumer products to precise product control on assembly lines. The Multi-Flex© system consists of single and multi-strand chains in different widths, various guide rail designs, drives, drive and idler sections, curves as well as vertical transport systems with side-gripper chain and other components and accessories to meet your systems requirements.

Stainless Steel Conveyors

  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Wheel turns with minimum radius of 8”
  • Plain and vertical turns
  • Chain widths: 3.25” and 5.5”
  • Easy to assemble and modify for future requirements.

Alpine Accumulation Systems

A creative method of accumulating products in absolute minimum floor space, in many different configurations, including re-circulating systems with no chain return!

Side-Gripper Elevators

  • Most effective method to move parts to different elevations
  • Wrench or hand-crank side gripper adjustment to accommodate multiple product sizes.


This means providing high quality aluminum or stainless steel conveyor systems, tailored to today’s actual production requirements. Whether it is for restricted spaces, standard equipments, sanitary or industrial products, we have a solution that will answer all your transportation needs.