Conveyor manufacturer for packaging, bottling and food canada

Completed projects

During our 35 years experience in the packaging industry, Storcan has had the opportunity to complete many projects requiring expertise, precision and efficiency. We are proud to have the following companies among our satisfied clients:

  • Aliments Viau (food)
  • ATS (packaging)
  • Citadelle (food)
  • Coca Cola É.U. (bottling)
  • Cott (bottling)
  • Danone (bottling)
  • Galderma (cosmetic)
  • Gluek É.U. (bottling)
  • Jean Coutu (packaging)
  • Kraft (food)
  • Lassonde (bottling)
  • La Vie en Rose (packaging)
  • Les Vergers Leahy (food)
  • Natrel (bottling)
  • Parmalat (bottling)
  • Pepsi (bottling)
  • Sanofi-Aventis (pharmaceutical)
  • Trimag (industrial)
  • Ultima (food)