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The Unison® Modular Flex Guide Rail Adjustment System provides rapid line changeover with consistent, accurate, and repeatable adjustment. Change up to 80 feet of guide rail including straight sections, s-boxes, corners, and crossovers from a single and/or remote adjustment location. Modular and flexible, the Unison® system accommodates container sizes ranging from very large to very small. The Unison® system provides the solutions to your conveying challenges.


Guide rails adjust in seconds without pneumatics
Quick return on investment; pay back in under four months
Repeatable, accurate, reliable

Consistent and precise guide rail changeovers including corners
Eliminates need to adjust guide rail at every vertical support
No maintenance required
No tweaking and no tools

Modular, flexible, robust

Retrofits to existing conveyor or airveyor systems, or engineered for new conveyor
Single- or dual-side adjustment, or a combination
Top and bottom rails can be adjusted independently
Flexibility to perform horizontal width adjustments, vertical height adjustments, or a combination
Custom-designed for any container shape and line configuration
Interchangeable, should the conveying line change


Simple operation significantly reduces the amount of skilled labour required for changeovers
Adjusts manually or automatically through stepper motors, servo motors, and P.L.C.’s from a single and/or remote location
Unlimited position settings
Health and safety risks reduced

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