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For more than 35 years, we have transported products on production lines, routed them into boxes or other packaging and have directed them to different palletizers or other machines. Whether it’s for a short distance or across entire production lines, we can manage the accumulation and transfer from one line to another and without damaging your products.

Packaging Machinery

The packaging sector faces many challenges – changes in consumer habits and shifting trends, new marketing priorities, newly developed packaging applications, the changing face of competition in the industry, stricter environmental guidelines and last, but not least, the ever higher demands for more flexibility and lower costs.

Storcan puts at your disposal, equipment lines which meet the requirements and the flexibility of our economy. Over the past 35 years, we gathered a group of partners and manufacturers of machines that meet the values of our customers.

We have equipment solutions that will respond to a wide selection of products in a variety of uses. From the beginning of your production line to the palletization, Storcan will accompany you in all your packaging and conveyors needs.

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Here are our offered solutions for the packaging industry