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Solution de tranchage

Slicing solution

Brevetti Gasparin designs and manufactures systems for the SLICING and PACKAGING of baking products, with the purpose to satisfy and answer specifically to the customers needs to optimize production processes of end of line with reliable, functional and guaranteed solutions.

The company produces single machines and automatic industrial lines tailored and able to meet all market segments thanks to the personalization and customization of the systems according to the highest productive standards.

Founded in 1960, Brevetti Gasparin has matured on its over 50 years of experience a deep knowledge of the market able to guarantee for each product typology the right technique of slicing and packaging for an excellent result on the final product, with the interest in a continuous improvement abreast of the customer needs and the market evolution.

The study and design of specific solutions and the ability to listen and interact with its customers, enabled it to be on the market today TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

The bread slicing machines differ on the type of cutting, of product, of dough and according to the different production and work requirements, with combinations in line of CUTTING and PACKAGING for complete automatic systems. Besides to a complete bread slicing machines range for the low, medium and high production, Gasparin satisfies the requirements for the most various cutting needs of bakery oven products: rusck bread, biscuits, cakes and sponge cakes

  • Reciprocating

    Ideal for the slicing of delicate products and strong products that do not contain fruits and raisin yeast bread loaf.

  • Continuous band blades

    Employed to achieve high slicing productivity by ensuring a smooth and uniform cutting result.

  • Decrusting

    Remove the crusts on all four sides of the loaf in a fast and automatic way.

  • Horizontal total cut

    Slicing with a continuous band blade for a perfect cut, smooth and uniforms surface.

  • Partial cut

    Targeted solutions for the partial cut of the products in the most different ways according to the different needs.

  • Ultrasonic

    Necessary alternative to slice all those products where it results to be impossible the use of the traditional slicing methods.

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