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Roller & belt conveyor solution

Roller & belt conveyor solution


Plastic belt curves are especially suitable for applications with heavy loads and difficult operating conditions.

Products typically conveyed:
  • Wood and plastic cases
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bags containing powder products
  • Shrink packs
  • Tiles and bricks
  • Wood panels
Main features:
  • compact dimensions in relation with the width of the belt
  • High strength and resistance to heavy loads
  • Very high resistance to wear and chemical agents
  • Low and easy maintenance requirements
  • Low noise
  • High linear speed


This plastic belting conveyor is used in food processing and packaging applications. With the advantage of being able to choose the belt's width, Mattop conveyors adapt to your production line and to your products configurations.

Mattop conveyors can run in standard curves or tracks and some conveyors allow for very small transfers from one conveyor to another, in order to preserve the product's alignment.

The advantages of such conveyors include easy and very sanitary cleaning and the ability to transport all types of products. These conveyors also allow for bi-directional operations.

We use world-renowned and standard components to make purchasing replacement parts easier.


We offer various solutions for transferring your products. Whether the transfer happens at the inlet or outlet of one of your machines, we've designed solutions that will maintain your products' alignment and configuration.


With a reciprocating motion, this conveyor system places your products in a given order and configuration. We've developed the pneumatic and servo-driven high-speed systems necessary for certain procedures. Ideal for transferring baking products, pouches or all other fragile products needing particular handling.

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