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Mixing solution

Mixing solution

Specialized in manufacturing mixers and blenders for production of bread, pizza, biscuits, pastry leavened and non-leavened doughs. Mixer meet the requirements of professional bakeries from small quality baker, to the largest, fully automatic industry.


A special line of machines for intensive and non-stop productions.We are specialized in mixers, kneaders and automatic mixing systems.
Single spiral, double spirals, double “8” tools, planetary mixers, automatic linear plants/ rotating carousel solutions, automatic long leavening plant, bottom discharge system, twin arms, fork mixer.


We offer a wide range of mixing machines for bread, pastry and biscuits. Our mechanical knowhow and long experience in bakery and pastry industries allowed us to become leading manufacturers of spiral mixers, worldwide.
We can offer and meet the different requirements of customers customizing our mixers, lifter-dumpers, with a high number of options and/or different solutions.

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