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Divider & multilaner solution

Divider & multilaner solution

Systems & LM spa have unique systems & equipment suitable for a wide range of products and markets. In addition, they can be integrated in various ways.

  • Dividers


    LM Slat Dividers and Combiners provide high speed, continuous motion, sort or merge of conveyed products.

    Utilizing a modular design process of manufacture gives us the ability to quickly and reliably manufacture over 150 units per year, capable of meeting your specific need in terms of size, configuration, and speed.

    Typical markets we have served include Food and Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, to Logistics. Application and use of LM Dividers and Combiners is unlimited.

    Typical applications include:

    • • Sort or collate to different lanes based on signal from upstream device or devices such as Checkweighers, Metal detectors, Bar Code Readers, Vision Systems (multiple devices can be used to attain the needed sort or collate, subject to Divider configuration.)
    • • Balance of product flow to downstream machines
    • • Connection between a different number of upstream machines to downstream machines with different capacities
    • • Optimizing freezing, cooling, or cooking tunnel conveyors by side shifting product as needed to fill unused areas of the belting.
    • • Layer preparation for palletizing or secondary packaging (which may include an upstream case turner to rotate cases as needed to maintain layr patterns.).
  • Multilaner


    LM Multilane Dividers or Laners are uniquely capable to high speed sort unstable products, from one lane to a number of lanes.

    Primary markets of use are Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene, Detergents, and Petrochemical.

    The main applications are:

    • • Divide unstable products to multiple lanes for secondary packaging processes (cardboard, thermo-shrink , wraparound)
    • • Divide unstable products to develop a matrix for top loader packaging machines
    • • Divide unstable products for palletizers layer building.
    • • Selecting and balancing of the outlet lanes according to different criteria (color, label, flavor, ...) for secondary packaging containing different products in stated quantities

    The control of the main motions is via servo motors allowing fast format changeover, making this type of machine particularly suited to multiformat lines.

    Together with laners LM can provide other material handling systems such twisters (tilting systems), product turning systems (90 ° or 180 °) and stackers.

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