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Cooling, deep-freezing, proofing, pasteurizing and baking solution

Cooling, deep-freezing, proofing, pasteurizing and baking solution

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Experts in deep-freezing, cooling, pasteurizing, proofing and baking, Tecnopool has developed a new concept for conveying food product called the T-Worth technology. This patented system built entirely in stainless steel but with sliding blocks & sliding profiles made of plastic ensures; smooth sliding, good conveying speed, easy & reduced maintenance all this suitable for the widest raged of temperatures (-40°F to 572°F)

  • No more drum spirals
  • Service & Spare parts delivered from Canada
  • Ideal for any type of food product
  • Space saving
  • Engergy saving
  • Optimum design
  • Flexible layout
  • Sanitary design
  • Deep-freezing

    Ideal for the slicing of delicate products and strong products that do not contain fruits and raisin yeast bread loaf.


    Ambient cooling

    Ideal for any type of food product with a small foot print and high throughput, our equipment is ideal for any baked product

    Forced-air room cooling

    • - Quickly reducing temperature
    • - Precise and rapid temperature control
    • - Industry leading food sanitary design
  • Baking Spiral


    • - Precise calibration controls
    • - Modular design
    • - Continuous conveyance design for maximum throughput
    • - Suitable for any product type


    • - Ideal baking
    • - Radiant or convection baking with precise temperature control
    • - Maximum yield with varying diathermic oils
  • Cooling Double Spiral

    T-Worth technology

    • - Smooth sliding
    • - Maintenance free
    • - Engineered CIP and COP design
    • - Suitable for any temperature


    • 3352 Plants installed
    • 1080 Ambiant cooling
    • 775 Freezers
    • 420 Air force cabinet cooling
    • 165 Automatic proofers

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