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Filling solution

Low speed – 10 BPM to 30 BPM

We provide a unique and innovative filling solution for low speed beer or carbonated beverage lines. This system is equipped with an electro pneumatic valve allowing for a great filling cycle adjustment flexibility by adapting the synchronisation between the air suction and the filling according to the different types of carbonated beverages.

We even have a next generation all-in-one system that includes the rinsing, filling, and capping.

This system is also equipped with a bottle detection device onto the conveyor (no bottle equal no rinsing) that contains a photocell which stops the system and closes the rinsing electro valve in case of missing bottles. In addition, the drum's height adjusts to each bottle. It can cork caps ranging from 26mm to 29mm.

High speed – over 30 BPM

We also provide customized high speed solutions.

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