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Mat Top and Table Top Conveyors

Table-top or Mat-top conveyors, known for their versatility, are ideal for transporting various types of bottles and/or containers and their flexibility allows them to adapt to all operational activities. Whether they are used for a straight section or for a complete bottling line, these conveyors are a profitable and durable choice!

Benefits include easy cleaning, capacity of conveying any type of container in any configuration and they provide a good surface for accumulation. These conveyors can handle containers, glass or plastic bottles, packs, cases and trays. They are also applicable to all industries, use very little floor space and allow for fast and precise adjustment from one container to another.


Pressureless combiner systems are designed to allow a range of products to be manually or automatically unloaded into a system where single file is a prerequisite further into the production line. Receiving the product randomly in mass within the confines of the feed table allows the product to trickle feed or flood off the end of the feed table and enter the multi lane pressureless combiner conveyor.

By use of the multi lane slats at differing speeds, the random bulk of flow are persuaded by former guided to separate into single file. Thereafter single slat type conveyor can deliver the product for orientation and presentation to filling, capping and labelling and palletising operations.

In addition, our selective electronic control system provides us with the flexibility to cater for differing line speeds, Irregular shape containers and containers with special handling characteristics without necessarily introducing costly part changing operations.

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