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Accumulation solution

Accumulation Tables

Accumulation tables guaranty you a continuous flow on your production line. They can accumulate all kinds of different products but at the same time temper the flow between your machines with different cadences and variables.

Recirculation mass accumulations tables are with single file are designed to collect your containers in various situations all along your production line. Constantly recirculating your containers as well as accumulating and feeding your machine downstream the production line.


Spiral Elevators / Lowerators

Storcan is proud to partner with Ryson International to offer Mass Flow Spirals based on the Ryson Spiral Technology. Full or empty cans, bottles, jars and other containers are conveyed up or down in a continuous mass flow. Ryson spirals leave a small footprint and provide considerable floor space savings compared to conventional machinery.


The Vertical Accumulation Buffer is an efficient use of overhead space while preserving valuable floor space. It utilizes one reversible spiral or combines two or more spirals for up and down movement. Most products can be handled including bottles, cans, pails, bags, bundles, totes, containers and wrapped or unwrapped items. They can also be used to take up surges between processes and can provide dynamic buffering during shorter production or packaging line interruptions.


These spirals are the ultimate in space savings. Two tracks operate independently within one spiral structure. Both tracks can operate up or down and can be reversible. One drive motor is required for each track which results in substantial savings in energy, control and systems integration.

Most spirals are shipped pre-assembled and pre-tested, reducing time and cost of installation.

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