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Business case #1

Cheese processing line

The existing conveyor line is not efficient, and this increases the cost of operations and decreases the production capacity.

Storcan’s solution
Design and provide a brand new conveyor line.

  • Sanitary and safe conveyor design reaching the highest industry standards.
  • Factory acceptance testing before delivery.
  • Mechanical assistance during factory installation and upon production line start-up.


  • Production capacity has increased and operating costs have decreased.
  • Improved operator circulation around the line.
  • Conveyor construction makes them more sanitary.
  • Conveyor construction makes them safer and more accessible for mechanical maintenance.

Business case #2

Water bottling line

Insufficient discharge capacity of water bottles.

Storcan’s solution
Installation of a new aerated bottle reject conveyor to increase rejection capacity and minimize the occupancy of floor space.

  • Conveyor design and manufacturing.
  • Installation by a an experienced team.
  • Delivery on time and on budget.
  • Step by step project follow-up.


  • Bottle discharge capacity has increased substantially.
  • Client is satisfied with the efficiency of the conveyor as well as the quality of construction of the equipment installed.

Business case #3

Energy drink bottling line

Multiple formats of cans and bottles needed to be produced simultaneously on high speed production lines.

Storcan’s solution
Design and provide a full bottling line solution including five new bottling conveyor lines.

  • High quality conveyors including a table top conveyor, a pallet conveyor and a spiral crate conveyor.
  • Brand new control room for the lines.
  • Close follow-up by our experienced project management team.
  • Mechanical assistance during lines installation and upon bottling lines start-up.


  • Production capacity of the plant has significantly increased.
  • No more product that fall on the production lines.
  • Better regularization of the lines controls.
  • Client has become the largest energy juice bottling company in North America, and their beverages are all produced on Storcan’s production lines.