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août 16, 2023

The Inspiring evolution of a talent at Storcan

The Inspiring evolution of a talent at Storcan

At the heart of every company, there are remarkable stories of people who shine through their determination and passion. This month, we are highlighting the incredible journey of one of our exceptional team members at Storcan. Let's meet Arnaud Boisnon, a young man who embodies the spirit of growth, creativity, and commitment within our company.


A Transatlantic Adventure

"Adventure, discovery, novelty" – these were the driving forces that led Arnaud to leave France and settle in Canada four years ago, in 2019. Newly arrived on the Quebec job market, one can say that Storcan « fell at his feet», thus he accepted the challenge to further develop his knowledge, particularly in the bottling and packaging sector. With a degree in industrial machine design and a strong background in food machinery, Arnaud quickly found his place within our company.

From Technician to Director

Upon his arrival at Storcan, Arnaud started as a Technician in Solutions/Applications in the Consulting department. This was an opportunity for him to fall into the world of mechanical design by exploring the upstream phase of the project, that of selling the production line solution, a first for him. In just six months, his passion for engineering and his capacity to innovate were noticed. He finally returned to his core business, becoming a mechanical designer in engineering. In less than two years, he was promoted to the position of Director of Engineering.

A Technical and Creative Director

Today, as the Director of Engineering at Storcan, Arnaud manages a department of three designers. With his team and manufacturing and automation team, he materializes the production line solution sold to our clients. Thus, he supports the development of new concepts or equipment optimization while ensuring that safety, ergonomics, and operator interface standards are met. He is a true technical consultant, guiding his team and offering insightful advice to ensure the successful integration of equipment. With both a technical and creative perspective, Arnaud encourages his team to challenge their ideas and question themselves to find the best solution.

Challenges and Rewards

Working as a Director of Engineering comes with challenges. Arnaud shares that his greatest challenge is maintaining design and solution standards while ensuring visual, aesthetic, and ergonomic quality. "There's no limit to creativity," for him, each project is an opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity while ensuring that the end operators can work efficiently and comfortably, "if the operator's gesture is forced, it means that we have missed something." The ultimate reward for him lies in the realization of projects, transforming concepts into high-performing equipment. "I love making life-sized Legos," says Arnaud, recalling that he made his childhood passion into reality.

Commitment and Professionalism

Among Storcan's values, Arnaud best embodies commitment and professionalism. For him, commitment means being dedicated to his work 200% and fully contributing to the company's project achievements. His concern for quality and his desire to constantly push boundaries reflect the high standards Arnaud holds for himself and his team. His professionalism shines through in every aspect of his work, from design to delivery, ensuring that Storcan always delivers the best to its clients.


Arnaud's inspiring story is a living proof of the opportunity to grow and reach new heights within Storcan. His boundless creativity, unwavering commitment, and undisputed professionalism make him an essential pillar of our company. We are proud to have Arnaud with us and look forward to the future accomplishments he will bring to Storcan.