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octobre 21, 2021

Friends and colleagues: two paths and a common desire

Friends and colleagues: two paths and a common desire

Discreet and hard-working, here's what you could say about Jonathan and Jeffrey by working with them, even for a brief while. These two have created their own professional path within Storcan according to their affinities. Two different paths but a common desire to continuously develop their knowledge, to become more autonomous and to assume more responsibilities. Let's go back to their history within Storcan ...

Jeffrey joined Storcan in 2017 as a plant worker in our manufacturing facility in Châteaugay. After a few months, Storcan was looking for a new plant worker, so Jeffrey referred his friend Jonathan, with whom he had previously worked. Jonathan is started in 2018, thus beginning a great story and professional development for both of them.

Jeffrey and Jonathan are eager to learn and expand their knowledge of manufacturing conveyor systems. Supported by a team with more experience, they acquired a solid know-how over the years, as an assembler and welder for Jeffrey and as a machinist for Jonathan. Things developed gradually and naturally; they have “the joy of learning” and in their words "there is always someone available to answer our questions, we do not feel the pressure of our managers, we are always in training mode ".

Beware it was not an easy career path. Jeffrey was 22 when he arrived in 2017, as he says, "I had to make my place among those who had been there for many years and with more experience, I was the youngest!” Jonathan, the senior at 26 years, has certainly helped him to better integrate and to create a new trend in the manufacturing team of the factory, that of a young generation motivated to learn and ready to take up the torch.

Thanks to this continuous internal training, they feel they have acquired more confidence, experience, and technical methods on which they can rely today to perform more and more tasks independently. "We are more organized, more efficient". Now they can even train new recruits in certain processes. "The advantage of being a small team is that you are more united, you keep it tight, we have a very developed team spirit".

Through their words, their faces, and their smiles, we see a real desire to continue to train and develop within Storcan which, according to them, is a flexible and caring company. Jeffrey even adds "I don't think I would have acquired all these competencies elsewhere." To future Storcan employees, they want to say, "it's going to be tough at first but wait, it's worth it".

Jeffrey and Jonathan are proud of their professional experience with Storcan and above all very proud of the work and the products they are able manufactured today, thanks to these years of internal training. Their duo and their stories are beautiful to see and to hear, we just want to say, "Well done and keep it up guys!".